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This guidebook introduces a nostalgic street Joyful Minowa shopping Street (ジョイフル三の輪商店街) in Tokyo, Japan.

I know that international tourists usually go to really famous shopping and sightseeing places. The places often look gorgeous and fashionable, but it is only a part of Japanese life. Joyful Minowa shopping street is not as same as those places at all, but it is at these good unknown spots that you can learn about daily shopping of local people and grasp the situation of Japanese ordinary suburbs.

In recent years, the street is not so busy, but not quiet. The street view is getting a bit old and some shops have a retro atmosphere, but almost all of their commodities and services are usually as good as the other shopping areas. A good point of this street is that you can take your time and be relaxed to communicate with the shop staff and local people.

In Tokyo, there are many shopping streets here and there. I selected the street to introduce from them. Characteristically, it is about 400m distance, arcade and mostly goes straight. This type of street is kind of rare in Tokyo now. That’s why, it is easy for you to walk around, and you don’t worry about the weather.

You can stop by the street on your trip when you go to popular sightseeing areas such as Ueno (上野), Asakusa (浅草) and Akihabara (秋葉原). 

The street is located beside the Toei Streetcar (Toden 都電) Arakawa Line (荒川線). This metropolitan streetcar is the last historical streetcar in Tokyo. Watching the scenery slowly from the streetcar is a good idea to enjoy sightseeing.

If you are looking for a good unknown spot in Tokyo, walking around the street makes you joyful.

Table of Contents

1: The highlights of the street

2: Access

3. Recommended Places

4: Recommended Sightseeing Guidebooks

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