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A No-Nonsense Guide That Shows You How to Meet and Love Filipino Girls in the Philippines

Do the Philippines is a travel guide that teaches you how to make love with Filipinas while in the Philippines without having to go to go-go bars or pay for prostitutes.

Here's what you'll find inside...

- How long you should stay in the Philippines to get the best of what it has to offer
- A thorough analysis of Philippine culture, to better help you bang girls
- The type of lodging and materials you'll need to maximize the number of girls you sleep with
- A secret trick that will make gaining entry to the Philippines much easier and cheaper
- Tips on how to protect yourself from criminals and avoid health problems
- How to stay in the Philippines while barely spending any money

Much of the book is dedicated to the girls. You'll read...

- A thorough description of an average Filipina's body, where I address the stereotype of them being "little brown f*****g machines"
- The best qualities of a pinay's personality that makes her a strong competitor for the world's best kind of girl
- A complete breakdown of the five types of Filipino girls
- The kinds of men that Filipinas love, and how you can embody what they want
- The one thing all Filipinas are looking for in a man, and the one thing they can't stand

The book teaches you how to pick up Filipino girls during the day, at night and online. You'll learn...

- Why going to bars and clubs in the Philippines will make you feel like a rock star
- A detailed overview of Philippine nightlife
- A foolproof day game strategy that will let you pick up almost any girl you meet on the street
- A complete guide to using online dating sites to bang Filipinas
- Why you don't have to worry about competition from Filipino guys
- How to deal with the games that Filipino girls play
- How to date a Filipina long-term

I wrap the book up with detailed guides on the Philippines' two best cities. You'll read...

- The best city in the Philippines to find a long-term girlfriend or wife (hint: it's not Manila)
- The easiest bar to pick up girls in the world
- The best places to meet Filipinas during the day

The book is organized into an introduction and five chapters...

- Welcome to the Philippines: An overview of the country, its culture, and logistics
- The Girls: How they look and behave
- Game: How to pick them up and sleep with them
- City Guides: Details on two of the Philippines' most popular cities
- Final Thoughts: A concise summary of what you just learned

Do the Philippines aims to be a must-read guide for any man who wants to make love to Filipinas while visiting the Philippines.

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