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Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's energy diplomacy has been expanding rapidly and the country is searching for energy resources worldwide. This movement has not only improved China's energy security and international relations, but also enabled the Chinese national oil companies (NOCs) to access new investment markets and implement development strategies. The Chinese government and the NOCs need each other's support to realise their respective interests. The interaction between the government and the NOCs will have a critical influence on China's energy diplomacy. The Domestic Dynamics of China's Energy Diplomacy explores the long-neglected domestic dynamics of China's energy diplomacy, in particular the interaction of national and corporate interests. It argues that the convergence of national and corporate interests is the key momentum of China's energy diplomacy. It observes that the government–NOC relationship has been evolving with China's economic and enterprise reform. Finally, it tests the empirical evidence of the domestic dynamics of China's energy diplomacy against the three mainstream international political economy theories, showing their merits and shortcomings in explaining the phenomenon, before providing an alternative conceptualisation of the movement.
Contents:Introduction: Why Domestic Dynamics MatterConceptualising the Interaction of National and Corporate InterestsChina's Energy ShortageBeijing's Energy Diplomacy and Chinese NOCs' Overseas ExpansionNational Interests and Corporate Interests Behind China's Energy DiplomacyInteraction Between the Government and the NOCsChinese Discourses of Energy SecurityConclusion: Whither China's Energy Diplomacy?
Readership: Academics, undergraduate and graduates students, professionals and policy-makers interested in China's energy diplomacy.
Key Features:Explores the long-neglected domestic dynamics of China's energy diplomacy, therefore shedding light on how domestic dynamics determine foreign policy in contemporary ChinaShows the limitation of existing literature and prevailing international political economy theories in explaining China's energy diplomacyUnveils the interaction of national and corporate interests behind China's energy diplomacy

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