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The Burnt Out Shop Owner & The Cowboy - After her shop burns down a woman decides to make a clean break and leave Boston for a new life and husband in Nevada. They are indifferent, if not awkward towards each other and she feels that her life may never be the same, until something happens that triggers the slow process that leads to true and enduring love.

The Canadian Woman & The Scarred Cowboy - A woman leaves England with her family and a cholera outbreak devastates the family, making her an orphan. She’s put into indentured servitude in Canada and then employed by the same family for a few years. Trying to break free from the life of a scullery maid, she corresponds with, and then travels to meet her fiancé in Nevada. They hit it off and fall love, something the cowboy never thought he’d find because a childhood coyote attack left his face scarred.

Claimed By The Cowboy - A woman from the slums seeks a way out of that life and answers a mail order bride ad from a cowboy in Colorado, and little did the cowboy know what he was getting in the feisty, independent, caring, and loving woman who arrived on the train.

Emma & The Restoration of a Soldier - A woman with one hand goes west to a mail ordered husband that her father has arranged for her before he died. On the train she meets up with a group of Civil War injured soldiers and one special young man who becomes a friend. However, when she meets her husband for the first time he runs out as he looks at her beautifully carved hand replacement and she believes that she may never see him again.

diciembre 24
Susan Hart
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