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These royal medieval knights leave their shining armor at home to get down and dirty, deflowering damsels in distress.

Bred By The King In Public

The inability of his Queen to get pregnant leads King Edward to annul the marriage. The rumor that the problem lies not with her, but him, begins to circulate and he knows he needs to prove his fertility to continue his lineage and deter the challenge of those who would seek to remove him from power.

He decides to do this with one of his subjects, and the chance to be the woman who bears him a child is one Gwen cannot ignore.

What Gwen doesn't expect is how rough, public and extreme her breeding will be.

This is an adult historical short erotic romance.

Blowing The Bandits

Returning home from a discreet visit to see her aunt, things go wrong for Princess Amelia when her cowardly guards run off from a bandit attack. It leaves her at the mercy of their handsome leader, who gives her the choice.

There is only one answer she wants to give, no matter how furious her aristocratic family would be, and she submits to being deflowered and impregnated by a robber king.

Breeding The King's Innocent Daughter

Sir Godfrey rides into town as a valiant, victorious knight - but after 9 months on a campaign with no company but other men, he can barely think about the bag of gold and praise from the king that await him. And besides, he has a bag of his own to unload.

The king's daughter is a chaste and submissive young woman, a woman the king would never allow any man to touch before marriage - but riding the high of victory, and driven mad by lust, Sir Godfrey is willing to do whatever it takes to dominate her, and make her his own.

This is an explicit erotic romance set in medieval times. Adults only.

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25 Eagles LLC

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