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If you’ve ever thought about using humor in a speech, sales letter, blog, vlog, or even casual conversation but stopped because you had no idea where to start looking for the funny, then this book is for you! And no, you don’t have to spend hours trying to find the humor. This quick guide to finding the funny will give you lots of great ideas on how to bring out the humor in you. It was written by Comedian and Comedy Writer Jan McInnis who tells and sells jokes for a living. Jan steps you through the ways she writes humor fast for herself and her clients.

The chapters cover everything from using our common assumptions to callbacks, research tips, and more, and Jan includes examples of how she used these tips to create humor that worked. This is a solid reference book that covers the gamut from unique tips to universal tips that you’ll want to remember and practice.

Humor really is the best way to make your communications memorable, connect with people quickly, keep people interested in what you have to say, sell a product or service and diffuse tense situations. So become more effective with everyone you’re communicating with by using humor now!

And yes, this book is short and it’s a fast read. That’s because it’s a book about writing humor fast! If you have to spend days reading how to write fast, then, well, you get the picture. . . that kind of defeats the purpose.

Jan has spent over 20 years touring the country as a comedian. She is also an established comedy writer who has sold material to everyone from late night TV to radio stations, greeting cards, syndicated cartoon strips, wart removal products, CEOs. . . you get the picture. Pretty much everyone and everything. She can show you how anyone can find and incorporate humor into your communications.

So stop being boring now. Humor cuts through the noise and gets you noticed and remembered. Businesses are realizing the power of humor to get their message across, so you should too. And now you have no excuse.

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Jan McInnis
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