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In these days, all people have a relationship with God. However, we modern Homo sapiens by default try very hard to hide these relationships with our Heavenly Parent. Nevertheless, from the time when we are children, we can hear God's voice inside us; it helps in our daily life, and we especially rely on it in the most difficult experiences.  Moreover, God lead all families, tribes, countries and the whole universe eventually.

Yes, anybody living on earth now has a relationship with God, even if it may be a simple one. Many times, we may try to hide or even deny it, but someone will realize, understand and develop this connection with God for perfection. Many great people in the history will tap into this connection. This is not only exclusive to religious figures. Many scientists, including one of the great personalities of the past century, Albert Einstein, believed in the existence of God and shared the necessity of developing a relationship with Him. However, the greatest example of this is Jesus Christ, saints and all major world religion-founding figures. All of them were testifying their daily relationships with our Heavenly Parent. Whether we want it or not, as we analyze all modern global trends humankind is stepping in the new era with God in the center. Thus, it is better if we catch the wave of God's Heavenly fortune now, so as to not shame our descendants.

In this book, I want to break the silence that people are keeping by not talking freely about God. Currently, talking about God has become the elephant in the room. In our daily lives, we are scared to even meet other people in the eyes. We do the same with God; we are scared to talk with Him and to talk about Him with others. 

Further, I will describe the best daily practices from around the world on how to develop a relationship with our Heavenly Parent for perfection at all levels. Additionally, this book will touch on some interesting live experiences with God, the most eminent personality ever...

Salud, mente y cuerpo
diciembre 26
Nicolae Cirpala
Draft2Digital, LLC

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