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God’s Love Story gives a broad overview of the Bible, from start to finish. It is intended to help you grasp the story and purpose of God’s plan for mankind.

God’s Love Story contains an assortment of verses, and is not intended to replace the complete Bible. Just like a movie trailer entices you to see the whole movie, reading God’s Love Story will enable you to desire, read and understand the entire Bible as never before.

God’s Love Story contains selected and compiled portions of the Bible, placed as best as possible in chronological order, as a means of giving a readable and easy to understand synopsis of the Bible. By removing verse markings, the text reads much like a novel, and actually reverts back to a form more like the original text as first written down thousands of years ago.

Using this approach, material from several different books of the Bible may be combined in one chapter of God’s Love Story to provide an easy-to-understand and seamless storyline.

God’s Love Story is divided into 39 compact chapters that can easily be read in one setting. Some explanations have been added, clearly marked in bold italicized font – these “transitional statements” are useful in bridging the gaps over sections that were not included, for the sake of brevity. They are simple, Biblically based, and written without espousing any personal doctrine or beliefs - preferring to let the scriptures speak for themselves.

At the end of the book, a “Bible Reference Map: clearly shows the Bible verses used and the location of all transition statements.

The end result is a book that contains between one fourth and one third of the verses of the Bible. God’s Love Story provides an easy way to obtain a clear viewpoint of the Bible message, from beginning to end, and will open the eyes of the reader to understand the Bible as never before. The full Bible then becomes a more powerful tool to influence the life of the reader.

This is a great book for those who have always wanted to read the Bible, but never made it through. It is a perfect gift for those that you want to introduce to the Bible or Christianity.

May God bless each of you as you seek His will, and strive to find your own place in God’s Love Story.

Religión y espiritualidad
septiembre 26
Brian Dowler
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