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The story about the beginning of earth is made clear with God’s truth as revealed in this book. For every positive force, there is a negative one which would keep us alert to discern where we should stand. We must know the difference. The Holy Spirit of God is always around to assist the believers, the evil spirit of Satan is also roaming around ready to take over if we are not mindful of God’s truth and knowledge that protects us from falling to sin. We need to wake up to the truth!

You will find it interesting to know that there are three stages of the world age, but there is only one heaven and one earth. This book also reveals the true story of Adam and Eve’s lives in the beginning at the Garden of Eden, how Eve was truly formed, and what the “apple” really symbolizes.

Many will be trapped by Satan’s net due to lack of knowledge or negligence to pay attention to God’s truth. We must seek the truth! This book will guide you through some of the most important passages that lead to the truth.

God’s words are real and everlasting that you can trust! All blessings flow from God. What does God want from us? He wants us to love Him. How do we love God? Our relationship with God is essentially important. It is a relationship of give and take based upon righteousness. It discusses the figurative meaning of the words “thirst” and “famine”, a wedding with Christ, and a revelation of a new Kingdom to be inherited by God’s children.

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