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“I have for many years been deeply spiritually touched, fed and challenged by Bill's poems that he writes as his own heart is moved by God.” -Bill Thrall, former pastor/elder at Open Door Fellowship Church in Phoenix Az, currently part of the leadership& author at Trueface Ministries in Phoenix, Az          “Bill Folz, a passionate, mature, and trusted follower of Jesus has for 40 plus years pointed people to the heart and character of God through his poems.  Bill spends long hours and short minutes with God, waits for His voice, then pens words of encouragement and hope that woo the reader to trust and to live in God's Sabbath rest.  He never offers platitudes because he knows that it is in the real world of everyday life where God wants to meet us and gently call us to lean into Him.  All of us that have read his poetry through the years have been built up in our faith, comforted in our pain, and blessed by God's care through his words.  Many years ago Bill heard God call him to be a "doctor to His people," and his poems have been a part of the living out of this calling.  I am honored and privileged to know Bill and get to do life with him.”   -Louise Sedgwick, Pastor of Adult Ministries at Open Door Fellowship Church in Phoenix, Az           "Bill is a present day King David. A mighty man who writes our every season of life with God in profound beauty. And if you walked around with him for a few days, you'd discover he is not only a gifted writer but an authentic human. That's what makes these poems so important." -John Lynch, former elder at Open Door Fellowship Church, co-author of “The Cure”, from Trueface Ministries in Phoenix, Az.

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