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Want to write science fiction, fantasy, or horror? Want to be published for money? Don't want to wait forever? Then Author Rob Shelsky’s Guide To Writing & Publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror is a must read!

Based on seven years’ worth of carefully researched articles, this book lays out in a practical, step-by-step process, just how to come up with ideas for stories, settings, appropriate atmospheres, pace, believable heroes, and tension. This guide also includes an easy, five-step program for getting books published. In short, it is a practical guide to getting your work written and published.

Also included in the book are chapters on what and what not to do when writing horror, fantasy, and science fiction. For instance, writing period fantasies is not as easy as it may seem! Horror must have certain set elements. What are they? What's the difference between hard science fiction and mundane science fiction? What, exactly, is Steampunk? All these questions and more are answered in Rob Shelsky’s Guide To Writing & Publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror.

There's even more! There are chapters on all sorts of topics, such as self censorship, creating believable planets and universes, using these genres as morality plays, religion in science fiction, using your writing as a vehicle for political and social warnings/commentaries.

Want to know how and when to use faster-than-light travel in your stories? Need to know if a knight can stop at an inn in a hamlet? Want to know the primary item needed to make horror more horrible? All these answers lie within the pages of Rob Shelsky's Guide To Writing & Publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror. Buy it now and become a published author for money!

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