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Do you know what people go through for the sake of LOVE? Sacrifices, heartbreaks, BETRAYAL, Deception, jealousy and disappointments.
Marshall is in a relationship with Grace and he is in love but it’s a one-sided love. He believes he can change Grace and turn her into an amazing girlfriend who will respond to his desires. However, the honeymoon phase has passed. His relationship with Grace is toxic. He tries his level best to bring excitement back into the relationship and in his attempt, he falls into a magical world.

Would you die for the woman you love?

Would you abandon your family for the woman you love?

Marshall and Grace have their own flaws which are dreadful. Love and lies lie in their veins.

Will they be able to save the love relationship and let the rose grow and delight in their hearts or will they fail to save the love relationship and remain dead inside as a rose in a vase without water?

A relationship without respect is no good for two people and a gullible person can lose it all within the blink of an eye. Love can get you killed.

What would you do for love?

About the Author

Thulani Cyril Mathonsi known as Marshall Makhubo finished his Grade 12 in 2015 and could not further his studies. He started his literature at a young age. He used to write songs and then he escalated to writing poems. He submitted all his poetic videos on youtube to share what he has with the public. In November 2015 he was bored and he decided TO WRITE a book. He promised himself to write four books about his life and the only person who believed in him was his mother. Along his journey of writing a book – this book – he was supported by his six friends.

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Marshall Makhubo
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