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There are so many macroeconomic terms and moving parts in an economy that students and managers can easily get lost. An advantage of this book is that it simplifies macroeconomic analysis. Each of the preceding books in this series explained macroeconomic analysis for a different key measure such as GDP, inflation, interest rates, exports and exchange rates. The goal of this book is to examine where all five major macroeconomic measures are likely to go as a group and what they mean to business performance. 

A hands-on macro tool called the consolidated-U.S. simulator is provided to analyze change from more than 15 different variables. Fiscal policy, monetary policy, currency exchange-rate policy, and export conditions for -both the EU and U.S. can be put in play at the same time. The combined effects of these movements on key macroeconomic outcomes provide the kinds of macroeconomic information over time that practitioners need to use in their important business analyses. 

Business analyses, such as return on investment for foreign direct investment, and meeting or exceeding domestic and international sales targets, are only as good as the macroeconomic analyses they are based on. The default assumptions about inflation, GDP growth, exports and interest rates are that change will be constant or that no change will occur. Yet the analyses presented throughout this book series shows that macroeconomic systems are rarely unchanged and move cyclically. 

The standard for excellence in macroeconomic analysis in the future is to engage businesses early on. The expected value of early analysis is that it has the potential to disrupt the development of economic crises. Imagine a world in which economic crises failed to materialize. In such an environment bubbles form but did not burst and the benefits of growth may be shared by more than just the wealthy. Join us in this cause.

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agosto 18
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