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No matter what your skill level is right now when it comes to Internet marketing, or selling over the internet, CPA is one way you can earn money without actually having to sell a single thing. Yes, you did read that correctly - you can make money online without having to make a single sale. How is this possible? Simple: CPA or Cost Per Action is an advertising platform that allows companies to pay a commission when certain actions are carried out which do not always have to be sales. While CPA is a great way for advertisers to make sales it is also a brilliant method to generate leads. You may ask yourself why anyone would pay to generate a lead and this is a valid question.

What you need to understand is that it costs a company 6 times more to find a new customer than it does to retain a customer. Likewise, a repeat customer is apt to spend at least 30% more than a new customer. Taking these factors into consideration, a list of highly targeted leads will be much more profitable for a company than if they were to simply try and sell their product as a one off.  By building a list of targeted leads, the advertiser can market to the same people on a regular basis, already knowing that they are responsive therefore, even if they make an initial investment in building their list, they will generate a much greater revenue over the lifetime of a customer from a list of laser targeted prospects than they would by simply paying a sales commission and making a one off sale.

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