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The Holy Spirit entered the tomb upon it being sealed. He laid his right hand on Jesus and said ‘It’s time.’ Smarting from torture and crucifixion Jesus put off the shroud and dressed. He strapped on his sword at the waist and donned the quiver of arrows over his shoulder. Taking up  his bow and glittering spear, he left to find his arch enemy, the seed and incarnation of Satan who bruised his heel.

It was late afternoon, shortly before the sun went down for Shabbat in a blood red sky from the earthquakes of Jerusalem. Jesus grabbed the unsuspecting beast by his scruffy head who spit, swung his fists, kicked, hissed, and screamed blasphemies against God. Jesus dragged him through the gates of hell into the bottomless pit in the heart of the earth. There in the dim light and choking air thick with age, Jesus slammed Apollyon onto the dirt and seizing his sword with a mighty two handed downward bruising, split the monsters head from the top of his skull, down through his brain and face, tongue, chin and throat to the very foundation of the neck. 

Regretfully, knowing his Father had future need of this Satanic bastard to be king of the world, he slammed the two sides of the angels hairy head together and healed him. The result of the encounter is a remarkable scar from the mortal head wound. All the world shall at the appointed time marvel at this wounded visage; the image of which shall usurp the holy place of Jesus in the temple of the Jews in Jerusalem day 1230.

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noviembre 28
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