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This book contains a series of chapters on various aspects of management and leadership in a health care organisation, written by some of the most experienced authors from around the world. It provides an understanding of basic management and leadership skills that are essential for clinical as well as non-clinical staff in a health care organisation, in a simple and clear fashion.
Management and leadership skills are critical for developing a successful and productive career, and achieving organisational goals. The journey towards a successful career starts with a thorough preparation for an interview. The topics covered in this book range from preparing for an interview, the art of negotiation and handling difficult behaviour, to clinical leadership, evidence based management, mentorship, and conflict resolution.
The significance of formal training in management and leadership skills can not be overemphasised considering the increasing focus on developing clinicians as leaders (“Clinical leadership”) at the work place. Unfortunately not enough attention is paid to such training during the early part of career of the clinical (e.g. doctors, nurses) and non-clinical staff. With its simple and reader friendly approach this unique and concise book will be useful for all staff working in a health care organisation irrespective of their faculty, position, and stage in career in becoming successful consultants, managers, supervisors, and leaders.

Key features and contents:

·     Interview skills

·     The art of negotiation, handling difficult behaviour, and facing the media

·     Quality improvement

·     Risk management

·     Occupational health and safety

·     Performance appraisals and assessment

·     Conflict resolution

·     Clinical leadership

·     Evidence based management

·     How to break a bad news

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