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From the beginning, you will discover where one’s soul simply returns to its original spiritual self, laid to rest in a dormant state within our Father’s spiritual world since the beginning of mankind, simply in wait for Judgment Day. Where once no one was found worthy of eternal life with the father and the basis behind the creation of his only begotten son, Emanuel.

For those waiting on what many believe to be that one clear sign, for many shall come in my name and shall deceive even the elect if possible, will find their neighbors themselves may very well fit the bill. For false prophets have been around since denominations themselves. I believe you will find where mankind not only helped in their creation but through their own blind ignorance continuously support the same which will lead them all to hell’s fiery damnation.

All will as well find that God does not lie, play games with lives, change with times simply because mankind would so will, nor as so science would have all believe, procrastinate. Does not the Father himself so state through scripture, “Will make short order of the earth,” as we understand it to be?

You will as well discover, all prayers are not heard. Those in particular with innocent blood on their hands will not be heard. There can be no innocents greater than those the unborn. You will as well find prayer without works, sincerity, and in more cases than not, repentance itself may very well be a requirement before one can be heard.

Since Eve herself, women have played no greater role in the outcome of mankind than she has since World War Two. 

You will find in revelations where mankind will be tried and tested for ten days. Adam and Eve’s lives themselves along with scripture dictates the time comparison given by the Father will give all knowledge and understanding concerning such. Even to the point of understanding, the first seven days as well the age of this world.

Read how weather-related events bring about such worldwide disaster that purified water and food become more valuable than gold itself. With cannibalism becoming the norm in many areas of the world.

With immorality running rampant throughout the Great Babylon, should it really come as a surprise who she really is? One who would make Sodom and Gomorrah look more like a godsend than evil.

If the only knowledge one received from these readings is the fact that it is not Satan one need worry about but the heavenly Father himself. For only God has the ability to destroy body and soul, then my goal here has been accomplished. MAY GOD FORGIVE ALL. Amen.

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noviembre 13
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