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How to Get Girls on Tinder, Bumble, or any Other Dating App or Website

Need some help getting girls on Tinder, Bumble, or another dating app you're using? I'm here to help! Hi, my name is Zac Miller, and I've come up with a guide that will get your the matches, responses, and dates so you can finally find the girl of your dreams! We start at the beginning with fine tuning your profile, going over case studies on the perfect photos to employ to increase your matches. We then go over what and when to message girls so they want to talk to you. We go over how to get their number and Snapchat, and ultimately how to get them out onto a date. I even show you what to do after the date! Everything you need is included in this book!

Here's What You'll Learn In This Book:

• Why meeting girls on dating apps makes dating a much easier, more enjoyable experience than going to a bar or club.

• Inexpensive ways to immediately improve your appearance.

• The most attractive male body type females are attracted to (hint: it's not abs).

• A major college study found doing this one thing in your photo makes you appear more attractive to females.

• Many men make this mistake, which makes them appear uncertain and fearful in their photos.

• A website where others can judge your photos, so you have the best ones displayed on your profile.

• Don't put any of these in your bio or risk alienating potential matches.

• 5 ways to increase the number of matches you are currently getting.

• Should you use super likes?

• The many types of girls and guys found on Tinder (and other dating apps) and the one type of guy who girls are most drawn to.

• The reasons most guys don't do well on Tinder.

• The two qualities which attract partners to each other.

• Tips for sending the first message, as well as a list of 80 message openers you can immediately start using.

• What is the dating app staircase?

• How to easily keep quality conversations going with girls.

• The #1 thing girls like to talk about which releases "feel good" chemicals in their brain.

• How to ask for her Snapchat ID or phone number.

• Indicators which show she is interested in you.

• How to ask for the date.

• And So Much More!

As a complimentary bonus, only for book buyers, you'll receive my special report titled Subconscious Attraction, which includes 3 subconscious techniques that attract females. This report is not available to the public; it exists solely as a "thank you" to buyers of this book.

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