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Struggling with a dating, engagement, or marriage relationship? Wanting God’s best for you and the other person? This book is a must read for you to learn from my mistakes, listen to God’s voice and obey His ways. 

How far would you go to keep a promise? 

How much would you sacrifice to save your marriage? 

Even if you feel that your marriage was not in God’s will, and your marriage is now going through hell, do you believe that you have done everything you can and sacrificed all to do what God wants? 

If you are planning to marry, are you certain that both you and your future mate love God, are seeking His will for your lives, and are willing to surrender totally to His ways? 

Before I married, I desperately wanted a wife. I thought I had found just the right person for me, but other people and God kept asking questions I didn’t want to answer. Warning signs started to appear that I ignored or pushed aside.  


I made many mistakes both before marriage and during the first years of my marriage. I wanted my way instead of God’s ways; I did not listen to the wise counsel of others or to God’s voice. I felt committed to the promises and vows I had made in marriage. So, when my marriage started falling apart, I did everything I could to fix my mistakes. Again, my efforts were often focused on what I wanted, not what God wanted. So I did many foolish things.  


My marriage failed. I take responsibility for my mistakes in that relationship. After this failure, I started to listen to God and godly wisdom from others. I began learning a lot about myself, building a healthy and holy relationship with others, and starting over again. God restored me and gave me a fresh start in life. 


I pray that you will learn much about yourself, marriage, relationships, and God’s grace in this book.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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Kolawole Smith

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