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She is nameless in a world of killers

Lost to the past and unwilling to venture past the next kill, she was formed in pain and left to the darkness. She has followed the killers, set her traps and now she seeks the ultimate revenge. But first she must find the heart she lost so long ago and hope that it is enough to redeem her. 

Loss is all he has ever known

Grant Fielding has protected the final piece on his chess board for more years than he can count. But what happens when the Queen is lost and every step he’s taken to protect her is called into account? He’ll have to dive into the darkness he’s succored so closely and hope that he can save them both before it’s too late. 

A nameless queen on a board of treachery. Retribution draws them together, but before all is said and done, they will learn love can either break you or make you stronger.

2 February
Tre Filiae Publishing
Sonya Howell

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