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The family screw up.

The black sheep. The mess. The walking dumpster fire. Or, if you're nice about it, the 'sweet girl' who 'hasn't quite found her way yet.' Samantha Shaw has been called all of those things. She knows no one expects anything out of her, and she's not about to prove them wrong.

Theo Sawyer doesn't want anything to do with broken girls. He takes care of the stray and abused dogs of Oro Beach; the last thing he needs is a stray girl who doesn't know how to take care of herself.

But then Samantha finds herself in trouble. The kind of trouble that girls without jobs, houses, or partners don't like to find themselves in. For the first time in her life, she'll be the one in charge, and she is terrified. Finding Theo was either her greatest stroke of luck, or a terrible mistake in a long, long line of mistakes.

Paint it Black is the heartbreaking fourth book of the Oro Beach generational series, full of courageous heroines, second-chance romance, and overcoming the past.

junio 16
Julie Strauss
Draft2Digital, LLC

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