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When a pampered socialite in post civil war Boston seeks adventure and romance, she finds peril, heartache, and tragedy along with it.
Answering an ad in The Matrimonial News, she secretly marries by proxy, but is widowed before she gets to meet her husband. The fact that she's naive and unskilled in the ways of love when she finally encounters the man of her dreams only adds to her situation.


"When reading a historical romance novel I look forward to the historical plot line as much as the romance. With that in mind, I love when the author takes the time to make the historical facts as accurate as possible for a fiction piece. Ms. Frances doesn't disappoint with this wonderful novel. Set in the post-civil war west and northeast, the author paints a vivid picture of the hardships and prejudices of the time, while at the same time weaving factual data about the wave of crime during the period that was a direct result of the war and the detective agency, known as the Pinkertons that was formed to fight the crime. As a lover of history as well as romance, I enjoyed the way the author intertwined the love story of Elise and Nate in a realistic way into the backdrop of these perilous times.... I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a realistic, romantic historical novel."

"This was such a great book! It is a Historical romance that starts out Western and moves to the northeast as the characters do....This story does have a happily ever after. ... If you're a fan of historical romances like Jane Austen or some like her you'll love this book. Its perfect, clean, happy love though it takes work to get there."

"The setting of the beginning of this story really makes me stop and think about how horrible the conditions of her arranged marriage to someone in Boston must have been to her to walk away from a well-off family to nothing. The trials and tribulations that Elise has to endure throughout the book when she goes west, to meet her husband by proxy, is nothing short of things that made me want to weep for her. Watching Elise grow and blossom in front of my eyes was fascinating....How does Elise handle so many tragic things so stoically? I am in complete awe of this woman. This is definitely a book filled with twists, turns, curves, tunnels, and unsolvable mazes in spots. You need to read it. This is my first book by Ailene Frances and I look forward to more of her works."

"I don’t read many historical romances much anymore, but I can tell you that I’m really glad I decided to read this one. The blurb grabbed my attention and the story stole my heart. ...This was a real heartfelt story that has been written very well and so different from what I had expected. This is a great read of the old west and just how primitive it was back then and how families of wealth wouldn’t take a chance on their reputations even when things happen that are out of someone’s control. Elise and Nate’s journey is one that must be read to fully understand the depth of their journey to love. This is a true old fashion love story, written to make the reader fall in love and she completely accomplished that."

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