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I’m eighteen. A virgin. And trapped in this billionaire’s castle!

All I wanted to be was an actress.  But now the only thing I’m playing is his game.

Cameron Scott.  Gorgeous. Dark. Intimidating. A movie executive willing to grant my wildest dreams.  Who would ever have known he was tormented by demons and an obsession with control? Not me.  I mean, who’s like that in real life? I mean, really?

But I have a secret too.  I’m not the women he thinks I am.

Literally.  I’m pretending to be my best friend so I can get a part in his movie!  But the deception has now gone too far…. I never dreamed that such a wealthy powerful man would desire someone like me.  And I’m falling desperately in love with him too.

He can’t find out my secret.  I’ll lose him for sure.  

But how far am I really willing to go to stop him from discovering the truth…


A standalone New Adult Romance with a HEA ending.  No cliffhanger.

This 24,000 word new adult contemporary romance is intended for mature audiences.  If you’re not looking for a steamy coming of age story centred around secrets, lies, true love, and a young woman’s sexual awakening, this story is definitely not for you.  

**This novella was professionally re-edited in July 2016**

“How’s that?” I said, dabbing the cut on Cameron’s forehead.

He winced.

“It’s fine.”

I reached around the other side of the bed and grabbed a plaster from my suitcase.

“Bet you’re glad I brought this now.”

He remained stoic, his gaze fixed to me.

I peeled away the paper layer and slowly applied the plaster to his forehead, my fingers grazing his skin in soft strokes.

“Let me see it,” I said, eyeing the area over his ribs.

“Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Oh course I wasn’t.  The smell of musk and fresh sweat smothered the air, the two of us, completely alone in the bedroom.  Everything silent except the muted thumps of our hearts, the quick shallow breathes.  His skin, so soft and smooth.

Cameron lifted off his shirt.

His torso was compact and muscular, his pecs hard and throbbing.  A pronounced six pack peaked out of his stomach.

“Well?” he asked.

There was no bruises and no cuts.  Just a slight red mark on the left side of the ribcage where he’d been kicked.

I dry swallowed.

“Everything looks good.  Really really good.”

His gaze was still fixed to me. I could feel his eyes bore deep into my own.

“Hey,” I said, my voice quivering. “Can I ask you something?”


“Before.  That look you had.  It was like you were ready to kill that guy.  But you didn’t.”

“That’s not a question.”

“I guess what I’m wondering is, if I wasn’t there to stop you…”

He cupped the back of my head with his palm, and stroked the base.

“I would have done whatever was necessary to protect someone I cared about.”

My breathing was heavy, his fingers soft against my neck.

“Does that scare you?” he asked.

I nodded.

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