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Get all three Fixing Your Revision Problems books in one omnibus!

This book contains Fixing Your Character & Point-of-View Problems, Fixing Your Plot & Story Structure Problems, and Fixing Your Setting & Description Problems--PLUS a BONUS workshop: How to Salvage Half-Finished Manuscripts.

A strong story has many parts, and when one breaks down, the whole book can fail. Make sure your story is the best it can be to keep your readers hooked. 

Janice Hardy takes you step-by-step through the novel revision process, from character issues, to plot problems, to description issues. She'll show you how to analyze your draft, spot any problems or weak areas, and fix problems hurting your manuscript.

With clear and easy-to-understand examples, Revising Your Novel: First Draft to Finished Draft offers eleven self-guided workshops that target the common issues that make readers stop reading. It will help you:
Flesh out weak characters and build strong character arcsFind the right amount of backstory to enhance, not bog down, your storyCreate unpredictable plots that keep readers guessingDevelop compelling hooks to build tension in every sceneDetermine the right way to include information without infodumpingFix awkward stage direction and unclear character actions

Revising Your Novel: First Draft to Finished Draft starts every workshop with an analysis and offers multiple revision options in each area. You choose the options that best fit your writing process. Learn how to:
Develop a strong and effective revision planAnalyze your manuscript to find its strengths and weaknessesSpot common red flag words for problem areas (such as told prose)Determine the best way to revise a scene, plot, character, or novelFix problems holding your novel back

Revising Your Novel: First Draft to Finished Draft is an easy-to-follow guide to revising your manuscript and crafting a strong finished draft that will keep readers hooked.

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Janice Hardy
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