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RTI and the Adolescent Reader focuses exclusively on Response to Intervention (RTI) for literacy at the secondary level. In this accessible guide, William Brozo defines RTI and explains why and how it is considered a viable intervention model for adolescent readers. He analyzes the authentic structural, political, cultural, and teacher and student identity issues unique to secondary schools. He challenges educators to revise RTI so their central aim becomes ensuring that all adolescents are provided with quality instruction and rewarding learning experiences. He shows how to create instruction that is responsive to students to promote genuine literacy growth. Drawing from real secondary school cases demonstrating tiered interventions, RTI and the Adolescent Reader proves how this can work in your school too.

Book Features:
Evidence-based strategies to meet the literacy needs of all secondary students. “RTI in the Real World” documents actual secondary schools employing RTI, with discussion questions for each case study. “Relate to Integrate” poses questions and prompts that foster critical thinking and the application of chapter ideas.
“Bill Brozo has written an honest book that will be useful for anyone considering implementing a response to instruction (RTI) initiative at the high school level. He notes that there is little research on RTI with older students and argues primarily for developing far more effective Tier 1 instructional plans across all content areas. Given that high school grades so closely mirror students’ reading levels any better differentiation of high school instruction will offer huge paybacks in student learning.” 
—Richard L. Allington, University of Tennessee, author of No Quick Fix, The RTI Edition

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