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The thrilling follow-up to the 1st season & conclusion to the epic cyberpunk series GAMELAND.

This set includes all 3 novels comprising the Jessie's Game duology (Signs of Life, Dead Reckoning), plus the prequel, A Dark and Sure Descent.

Save by purchasing this set versus the individual books.

Signs of Life

Welcome to GAMELAND. Everyone's dying to get in.

Someone is attempting to hack Jessie Daniels's brain implant. Only problem is, her prime suspect, Micah Sandervol, is supposed to be dead And reanimated. But what if he's not?

For Jessie, a traumatized survivor of a reckless break-in to Long Island's Gameland, survival means just getting through the day. Her best friend now roams the island as one of the soulless, people close to Jessie are disappearing, and her own husband is acting suspiciously. Control lapses are occurring with greater frequency. It's only a matter of time before the implant network, meant to protect them, becomes their greatest threat.

A Dark and Sure Descent

It's the summer of 2030, and the government is experimenting with a new digital network on Long Island. That's not all they're bringing.

This is the true account of a biomedical disaster that changed the world in the most terrifying way imaginable… and it all started with a single bite.

After the unexplained death of their newborn son, experimental biologists Lyssa and Ramon Stemple find themselves at the center of a brutal murder investigation involving an employee at their controversial animal research laboratory. The case takes a shocking twist when they are blamed for intentionally creating a virus which will destroy the Stream. As the Stemples attempt to flee the human scourge, their six-year-old daughter begins to show the first signs of infection. Desperate to save her, one will attempt a treatment so radical, so unthinkably horrific, that the looming Apocalypse will pale in comparison.

Dead Reckoning

The thrilling conclusion to the GAMELAND saga

As network outages begin to spread on the mainland, Jessie Daniels, the only person known to be immune to the Reanimation virus, is ruthlessly hunted down inside Arc Property's virtual gaming arcade on Long Island. After her are a half dozen Live Players and an untold number of dead ones. As the world descends into chaos, she begins to unravel the secrets of the people who created the technology, including one which promises to destroy them all.

For ages 16 and older.

What is S.W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND?

Season One was released in monthly episodes between May and December 2012. The series follows the exploits of six young adults as they break into the Long Island arcade hoping for a rare glimpse of the undead survivors of a decades' old outbreak. But while breaking in is easy, getting back out is a killer.

Book 1 Deep Into the Game

Book 2 Failsafe

Want more GAMELAND?

For insight into the series and how it all started, check out the short prequel Golgotha (also available in the short story collection Shorting the Undead and Other Horrors).

Velveteen. The story of Cassie, a 6-y/o female zombie trapped in a bathroom... until Jessie releases her twelve years later. A terrifying twist on a classic children's tale.

Infected: Hacked Files from the GAMELAND Archive. Includes a timeline of key events, a glossary of terms, character dossiers, essays, articles and never-before-released voice transcripts.

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Brinestone Press
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