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This brief how-to primer, written by a published author and electronic publisher, offers 10 simple steps anyone can follow to publish their work as an e-book within minutes and have it available for sale in online bookstores.

It succinctly covers all the essentials, offering easy, practical advice on formatting and uploading your manuscript using Smashwords, e-book cover designs, marketing online and in print, how much to offer as a free sample, bookstore distribution opportunities and price choices...everything a self-published author needs to start selling!

Recent buyers have said:

- Thanks for the tips! A fast and easy guide to self-publishing. It is simple and clear…you will find this very useful if, prior to, you had no idea exactly what it entails to get your book ready and published and into e-book shops.

- Clear info and a lot of it. Feel I could do an e-book now!

- Comprehensive and relevant…covered all the questions from simple to complex.

- ...like your “little primer”; it’s a quick read that shows how to get published!


Attention writer! Any of the following sound familiar?

- Already been published but sales and opportunities are fading?
- Have struck out trying to find a traditional print publisher?
- Heard of Print on Demand and other forms of self-publishing but are wary of costs?
- But still aching to get your work into readers’ hands?

Well, take heart. You can do so right now in an extremely inexpensive yet effective way. It's called electronic publishing and as you read this, millions of people all over the world are enjoying e-books, using an e-reader like an iPhone, a Kindle or a Nook or their computer screen.

So...why aren't they reading your work? They're reading mine. I'm a multi-published mystery author who turned my mystery novels into instant cash as e-books and they are currently in the catalogue of a number of major online book-selling sites, like the Amazon Kindle Store, Kobobooks.com and iTunes.com.

If you want to get onto the fastest growing publishing wagon since Gutenberg invented the printing press, then grab on and let's ride! Just follow the 10 simple steps in my brief how-to primer to self-publish your e-book in minutes and start selling it online.

junio 23
Nicola Furlong
Smashwords, Inc.