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What's the secret to selling more indie and self-published books on the Kindle platform?

It all starts with a great book - but after that, success hinges on your ability to effectively promote what you've written. For a few authors, promotion is easy. For most, it's not only a labyrinth of confusing pathways, it's also a huge time-suck. 

In Sell More Books: 55 Free Indie Promos for Authors That Work, you'll learn how to focus on the promotional methods that fit both your personality and your genre.

Boost Your Book Sales to New Levels

If you're like a lot of authors, your book is getting good reviews but only selling a copy or two a day, if that. One of the reasons for static sales is the reality that competition between indie authors is high and getting higher. What makes one author more successful than another, given the fact that their books are similar in content and quality?

The ability to promote your book to the people who are desperate to read what you've written. For non-fiction authors this may mean creatively marketing to readers who want to know more about dog training, paleo diets, or extreme sports. For those who write novels, you have a whole world waiting for the next romance, mystery or thriller.

The good news is, there are dozens of ways to promote your books - in fact the authors had trouble sticking to only 55 - but the challenge is to find the ones that work for you and for your book. Sell More Books: 55 Free Promotions That Work is the answer.

Discover 55 Free Promotional Ideas

Because all writers are unique, we've detailed 55 different ways to promote your books, all based on your comfort level and your personality.

Inside our guide you'll find the promo methods for indie authors:
The Big Five - Social Media that countsThe Rock Star - You know who you are!  The Emily Dickinson - You truly love to write  The Best Friend - Everyone loves you  The Wizard - Your middle name is SEO  
Get more books sales by using the promo methods that work for YOU.

Start Working on Your Promo Strategies Today

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