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Do you know why God made sheep skins into clothes for Adam and Eve?  When Abraham asked God for a son, why did he offer God a sheep? One day, God told Abraham, “Bring your beloved son Isaac to the mountain and sacrifice him to worship me.” Isaac is the only son God gave Abraham. Why does he want him to sacrifice Isaac? What did Abraham do then? Please read the cartoon bible story: The Test of God. 

Audiobook Children's Bible Stories Series introduction: 

This series of Children's Bible Stories has totally 60 episodes. 

1. Animated Audiobooks: full screen picture Audiobooks, which make reading the Bible is no longer monotonous; lovely characters, colorful image, impressing the children. Parents no need to worry about no time to read stories to the children, the animated audio reading will really bring the kids a great time. 

2. Classical Content: All stories are selected from the Bible. While keeping the original of the content, the language becomes closer to the children, easy to understand and in a cartoon style.   

3. Easy to Operate: The interfaces are colorful, and kids love them. Operation process is simple and intuitive. Users can read page by page, or play the animated audiobook. 

The Children’s Bible Stories Series of the 60-episode are from the Bible, including many classic characters and classic clips. The Bible is not just a religious readings, also incorporates the historical, cultural, political, economic. Together with the Greek civilization, the bible is part of the formation of the European and American culture. These beautiful stories, contains a profound ideological content, is the sum of the rich spiritual wealth, gave countless writers, artists, thinkers, and every one of us endless inspiration and enlightenment.

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octubre 31
Peopeo, LLC
Peopeo, LLC

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