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In this yet another amazing and revealing excerpt from Edmund DeSoto’s new book The Man On That Cross dealing with the controversial topic of pagan gods, he confronts our modern-day idols and false gods of our times so many times worshiped by the modern Christian Church. This unmistakably but very distinguished topic geared for all the serious students of sacred holy text, is part of the unique collections of [Holy Bytes] and is based on the corresponding book mentioned above The man On That Cross.

Edmund encourages believers from all walks of life to make room for vital but very crucial information that will reveal the God of creation in His original and unique manifestation by simply dethroning the functional false manmade gods of the past six millenniums that not only have killed and destroyed countless of ignorant but faithful worshipers but have agglomerated in people’s lives through generational curses and by doing so claiming their inheritance. 

As in all of Edmund’s writings, Pagan gods can be read and studied individually or in a group setting. It makes for a very informative bible study and a formidable eye opener. As you read, you will be surprised to know that there are more pagan gods and idols today than ever before. Although the ‘Second Commandment’ from God to Moses, “You shall have no other gods,” doesn’t seem applicable in our modern society the reality is that the opposite is true. The truth is that we have an abundance of false gods and idols in full operation today in our modern day society, perhaps demonic influence more than ever before working very hard to keep humanity away from the true worship of God.

To name just a few, take art, for example, education, fame, money pop singers, movie actors etc these are all modern day idols and false gods of our times. So even though today, the idea of pagan gods and idol worship gives the impression of a remote and ancient practice, it is not all that remote and common from both our young and old of today. Our citizens of today actually worship them at times knowingly and unknowingly.

Over the past two centuries, the result of the worship of false gods has led to a massive indescribable evil which includes forms of dictatorships. Even though Communism boasts in being atheistic in nature Communism along with Nazism are two prominent examples of the worship of false gods and idols. When one examines this on a personal level, the worship of false gods leads to deception, unhappiness, confusion, oppression, depression unhappiness and complete destruction. Join us today for this amazing and yet revealing truth of modern day pagan gods.

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