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Today’s Scripture Guidance contains daily Scripture from the Word of God to guide Believers and those who want to have detailed Holy Spirit guidance. Each daily Scripture is received from God through the servant of Jesus prayer to Him. The servant of Jesus surrenders to Jesus in prayer each day, asking Him to utilize the Holy Spirit to meet God and receive the Scripture that God wants His people to read that day. The servant of Jesus also asks that Jesus calls the Holy Spirit to send Spirit-taught words through the servant, that gives Spirit guidance of the very Word of God. This prayer and surrender process is done by the servant of Jesus each day so that every single day of Scripture is from God, and every single day of guidance to the Word of God is from the Holy Spirit. The Word and the guidance of God’s Word is not from the servant of Jesus but is delivered through the servant of Jesus. This is the work that Jesus has called this servant to do. Amen. Today’s Scripture Guidance is from the very Word of God. It is spoken boldly with Spirit-taught words. The guidance is there each day to help the readers of God’s Word, understand the mystery of His Word, through words delivered by the Holy Spirit. Today’s Scripture Guidance delivers daily reading and guidance to strengthen your understanding of the Word of God and to guide you through living your life in a way that pleases God. This Guidance will help you to truly understand the Word of God. Each day the Word was selected by God, and the guidance was delivered with Spirit taught Words from the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!

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septiembre 5
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