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The most comprehensive guide to investment in the natural resources sector.

The resources sector can provide investors with some great opportunities. This book provides you with the tools to become a successful investor in the sector, through the cycle. It explains how to identify investment opportunities across metals and mining stocks and commodity markets and how to recognise and manage risks.

The first four sections - Understanding the Cycle, Valuation, Commodity Market Analysis, and Company Financials and Analysis - cover 57 essential topics that provide a framework to help you achieve sustainable success when investing in the sector. This includes:

- The best times to invest in resource stocks;
- The relationship between stock prices, commodity prices and earnings;
- When to own smaller vs larger resource stocks;
- When commodities are likely to outperform resource stocks;
- Understanding resource stock valuation drivers at different points in the cycle – When are stock prices driven by valuation multiples?; When by earnings expectations?;
- Best valuation methods for the sector and how to compare opportunities across the mining sector;
- How to analyse commodity markets, including understanding the factors that drive commodity prices; how to anticipate big commodity price moves and the best commodity exposures at different stages of the cycle; and
- Other important insights such as what the market commonly misses in resource company earnings forecasts and valuation and analysis tips and traps to avoid.

The insights will help you assess investment opportunities across all resource stocks and mineral commodities, traded in any stock market or on any commodity exchange.

Key concepts are explained in a straight forward, easy to understand way and are supported by 140 easy to interpret charts and tables. Written by an experienced stock market analyst and investor that has covered the sector at Wall Street's leading investment banks, advising fund managers globally. Suitable for all experience levels, ranging from beginners to professional investors including portfolio managers and traders.

The fifth section, Commodity Essentials, provides an overview of 21 key mineral commodities, from mine to market – aluminium (including bauxite and alumina), coking coal, copper, diamonds, gold, iron ore, lead, magnesium, manganese, mineral sands, molybdenum, nickel, phosphate, platinum group metals, potash, rare earths, silver, thermal coal, tin, uranium and zinc.

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