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Many people have trouble coming up with writing ideas. It is not because they lack writing skills, rather it is because they don't have a way to generate unlimited writing ideas. You need some good writing tools.

If you want to improve your writing, and never run out of ideas to write and blog about, this is a book for you. You can use these writing skills for blogging, business writing, or personal writing. It doesn't matter what you are writing about. 

This book is short and direct to the point. You will learn about how to leverage your existing blog posts and never run out of blogging ideas again. 

This writing technique will work for every blog, every niche, and even every language. 
This exact writing method is used with college students at UNLV. There is no reason you can’t take the information in this book and have more writing ideas than you could possibly ever write about.

You will learn:
1. A method of generating unlimited ideas for bloggers.
2. Questions you have to ask yourself.  Make sure that you are writing for the right reasons and have a reason to write.
3. How to avoid the struggle of writing for you blog. You can be a slave to your writing, or you can conquer. 
4. How to extend the life of a blog post.
5. Why you don’t need to stress of keywords and SEO and all the other marketing gobbledygook.
6. 17 writing templates to improve your writing skills and start your creative juices flowing.
7. Unlimited writing and blogging ideas are easy when you know the right steps to take. 
This no-fluff book will show you the fastest way to do just that.

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