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I’m a longtime English teacher, consultant, editor, and professional writer. Over the years many people told me about their secret desire to write for publication. They have an abundant storehouse of ideas and experiences to write about. What holds them back is finding time for an intensive course in English grammar.
They’re always astonished when I tell them that there’s an easier pathway to writing—one that doesn’t involve complex grammar theory, workbook exercises, and grammar tests.
Here’s what your English teacher may not have told you: You’ve been using language expertly all your life, and you can easily build on that foundation to learn the sentence patterns and writing strategies used by professional writers.
The traditional curriculums and teaching materials used in many schools don’t always cover the skills needed for 21st-century writing. But you’ll find them in my book.
What Your English Teacher Didn’t Tell You offers you a thorough review of punctuation, sentence structure, and usage. Practice Activities and a Pretest allow you to assess what you're learning. A complete Answer Key is included. Everything is presented in plain, everyday language.
More important, you’ll learn how to use writing to showcase yourself, your knowledge, and your ideas. You can use your new skills in writing classes, workplace tasks, and creative writing—short stories, a novel, a nonfiction book, a memoir.
This book was written with YOU in mind. My teaching techniques have helped countless students take their writing skills to exciting new levels. I'm eager to share them with you. Let’s get started!
"Practical and accessible" - Marcella Cooper, Temple University, Osaka, Japan
"Personable and readable...Jean knows her subject forwards and backwards." - Adair Lara, author of Hold Me Close, Let Me Go

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