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They’ve been called the hardest scenes to write in the Romance genre and are often what many authors get wrong. Horribly, cringingly wrong!
But scenes of physical affection between your two main characters don’t have to be uncomfortable to write, find you running the other direction or even deleting them altogether! Because no matter what sub-category your novel is listed in, whether it’s Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense or Sci-fi, sex sells. And those steamy, heated scenes can make or break a story…or an author.
It’s a skill that you can learn since a viable sex scene needs to be just as carefully crafted as any other important scene of your manuscript. But just like every major plot point, those of the physical affection variety have guidelines and rules based on reader expectations and recommendations!
Inside ‘Write Sex Scenes that Sizzle!’ you’ll discover:
*Why sexy or erotic scenes are both important and expected in today’s Romance market.
*How scenes of the physical kind can create event points in your plot and character arcs…while keeping your readers glued to their e-readers!
*What ten key components comprise the mechanics of getting your sex scenes written right, keep them smoking-hot while engaging your audience.
*The ‘rules’ of writing steamy scenes as defined by the Romance reading market (…which is HUGE by any author’s standards!).
*What words to use and why in ‘showing’ the physical happenings between your characters.
*…and much, much more.

‘Write Sex Scenes that Sizzle!’ is short but packed with tips, explanations and examples that help you, the author, gain confidence as well as readers in an area that so many others fall short in. Written in a conversant, one-on-one style, this how-to guide was put together to help other Romance novelists learn and explore how to write sex scenes that will generate sales, reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations that are nothing short of amazing!

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J.A. Hornbuckle
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