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This authoritative report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. The Commission report is offered to Congress in the hope that it will be useful for assessing progress and challenges in U.S.-China relations. It responds to the mandate "to monitor, investigate, and report to Congress on the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the People's Republic of China." The Commission reached a broad and bipartisan consensus on the contents of this Report, with all 12 members voting unanimously to approve and submit it to Congress. It provides a comprehensive overview of every major Chinese topic, ranging from economic issues to military and space program advancements.

This compilation includes a reproduction of the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Chapter 1: 2019 in Review * Section 1: Year in Review: Economics and Trade * Introduction * U.S.-China Trade * Bilateral Economic Tensions * Technological Conflict and Competition * China's Internal and External Economic Management * Section 2: Year in Review: Security, Politics, and Foreign Affairs * Introduction * A Year of Both Success and Setback * Chinese Diplomacy: Toward a China-Led World Order * Pressure on the Regional Balance * Tensions in U.S.-China Ties * Chapter 2: Beijing's Internal and External Challenges * Recommendations * Introduction * Internal Challenges to CCP Rule * China's Economic and Innovation Challenges * Resistance to Beijing's Ambitions Abroad: Economic, Military, and Political Challenges * Implications for the United States * Chapter 3: U.S.-China Competition * Section 1: U.S.-China Commercial Relations * Recommendations * Introduction * U.S.-China Economic Ties: An Unbalanced Relationship * Chinese Companies in the United States * U.S. Companies in China * Implications for the United States * Section 2: Emerging Technologies and Military-Civil Fusion: Artificial Intelligence, New Materials, and New Energy * Recommendations * Introduction * Military-Civil Fusion * Artificial Intelligence * New and Advanced Materials * Energy Storage * Civil Nuclear Power * Implications for the United States * Section 3: Growing U.S. Reliance on China's Biotech and Pharmaceutical Products * Recommendations * Introduction * U.S. Reliance on Chinese Pharmaceutical and Medical Products * U.S. Government Oversight of Health Imports from China * China's Pharmaceutical and Biotech Activities in the United States * U.S. Companies' Access to Health Industries and Market Opportunities in China * U.S.-China Global Health Cooperation * Implications for the United States * Chapter 4: China's Global Ambitions * Section 1: Beijing's "World-Class" Military Goal * Recommendations * Introduction * A Military to Match Beijing's Ambitions * Building a World-Class Military * A World-Class Military in Its Region and Beyond * Implications for the United States * Section 2: An Uneasy Entente: China- Russia Relations in a New Era of Strategic Competition with the United States * Recommendations * Introduction * A Deepening Entente * Mistrust and Power Asymmetry Limit Ties * Central Asia and Afghanistan, the Middle East, and the Arctic * Implications for the United States * Section 3: China's Ambitions in Space: Contesting the Final Frontier

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