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This steamy collection includes the first four books of the A To Z Sex Series.

A Is For A**l
B Is For Bondage
C Is For Control
D Is For Double Teamed

Approximately 18,500 words.

Adults only: contains extremely explicit sex including bondage, BDSM, a**l sex, menage, domination, spanking and mind blowing orgasms.

A Is For A**l
Jenny would love to spice up her sex life but her boyfriend has no imagination and isn’t interested in trying anything new. Even a quick fling with the neighbor leaves her disappointed. All she wants is some spanking, a little bit of BDSM and maybe even some a**l sex.

Now she’s late for work and then her boss catches her reading an erotic story about a**l sex while she’s on the job. He tells her that she must report to his office after work for punishment or risk losing her job. She really needs her job but this is one punishment she won’t forget. The penalty he imposes may be far more than she expected as her fantasies become reality and threaten to go even further.

B Is For Bondage
Danielle is on holiday break from college and goes home to visit her parents when the neighbor, Mr. Thompson, offers to loan her a better rake so she can finish her yard work. Danielle ventures into Mr. Thompson’s garage searching for the tool when he leaves on an errand only to find row after row of bondage gear hanging in plain sight.

Danielle runs her hand over the smooth, sensuous surface of a black leather strap and fantasies flood back into her mind of secretly watching Mr. Thompson tie up his girlfriend and spank her. Suddenly, Danielle is jolted back to reality as Mr.

Thompson finds her in the garage fingering his gear.
Mr. Thompson knows that Danielle has secretly watched his bondage room in the past and decides that this young upstart needs a lesson in proper bondage gear handling and a reminder to ask permission before touching things that don’t belong to her.

C Is For Control
The Bondage Club is an online bondage site that promises to fulfill Cindy’s most secret desires with real-life scenarios. She fills out the questionnaire for fun, thinking she won’t really send it in. When it accidentally gets sent and her fantasy begins, she wonders if she really wants to be kidnapped and punished as much as she fantasizes about it. Can Cindy give up control to a total stranger and release her inhibitions? Can she stop this stranger from binding and punishing her? Does she even want to?

D Is For Double Teamed
Julia used her wit and a short, stout whip to work her way on board the tall masted sailing ship Tempest during a time when women were more likely to be courtesans than sailors on a sea-going vessel. Despite her good fortune, she must still be at Captain Claymore’s sexual whim to stay within his good graces and remain on his ship.

Claymore’s sexual domination and use of leather probes Julia’s sexual core and tests her limits but she yearns for more as she settles into a routine on board the ship. First Mate Biggs works next to Julia every day, speaking seldom but his eyes rove openly over her body leave no doubt what is on his mind.

The sexual tension on the ship grows and Julia begins to fantasize about the Captain and the First Mate f*****g her. One evening, when the ship’s crew is on shore leave, a late night bet is made and Julia may get more than she bargained for.

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marzo 4
J.L. Hugh
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