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Volume 15 is a continuation of Volume 14 covering a republication of "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 12. It also shows another example of "mathematical flanking" using calendar dates from 2013 to pair with up with news articles on 7/2 of 2014. It shows the numbers 5/25 liste in the last 2 volumes manifesting in a "Prediction" by Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz. It also cites the Superman theme seen at the 2014 World Cup on 7/1 of 2014. This was also an intersection of points regarding the Monty Python cast with the quotes from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" cited in 2013. The chapter titled Phosphorus 1 is regarding Boston Red Sox David Ortiz who predicted ball 4 from Chicago Cubs pitcher Neil Ramirez born 5/25 and began walking out of the batter's box before the pitch was even thrown. It's symbolic of the author citing Sam Montgomery born 5/25 in Volume 14 and the "Shrek 2" theme with Mike Myers born 5/25. It also talks about Mario Ferri wearing a Superman T-Shirt who slipped passed security in a wheelchair and then ran onto the field on 7/1 of 2014. The chapter Phosphorus 2 is about NFL player Warren Sap and a waitress tip. Chapter 15.1 is about Green Lantern. Chapter 15.2 is about the theme of reciting the oath of Green Lantern. Chapter 15.3 is about Spider-Man and Transformers. Chapter 15.4 is about the Karate Kid Crane Kick. Chapter 15.5 is regarding the Cobra Kai Commander. Chapter 15.6 is regarding "Da Vinci Code." Chapter 15.7 is about the Knights Who Say Knee referring to the ruling body part of Capricorn and the Age of Capricorn being 0 AD to 2000 AD. Chapter 15.8 is regarding Steve Austin. Chapter 15.9 is about the Green Lantern Corps. Chapter 15.10 is about the 3600 sectors covered by the Green Lantern Corps. Chapter 15.11 is about the race track theme in the movie. Chapter 15.12 is about Parall-EL vs. Parall-AX. Chapter 15.13 is about Ring-Slinging 101. Chapter 15.14 is about the Vikings praising Spam. Chapter 15.15 is about people learning how to read Cryptology and Kryptonian as the Language of the Sun. The last chapter Phosphorus 3 cites the number tags regarding Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony and miscellaneous news articles of significance.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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Rod Island
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