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A Powerful True Story of

Redemption & Romance


At five years old, Ruth is an outgoing girl and her favorite place is church…until her world is rocked by sexual abuse. Now she lives in a private hell of silence, rejection, rage and shame.


As a teenager, desperate for attention, she spirals further into depression, embracing a lifestyle of promiscuity, sensuality and self-hatred. Stripped of innocence, deceived by people she trusted and haunted by skeletons from her past, Ruth longs for love but doesn’t believe she will ever find it. Shame engulfs her. Suicide is tempting. Who would ever want to marry a fallen preacher’s daughter?


“A healed land begins with a healed people.  You've demonstrated how brokenness can be transformed into something beautiful.  …You are an example worth following.”

Bill Pagaran, Broken Walls

Carry the Cure, Inc. President


“The pain of childhood sexual assault is something that takes a lifetime to overcome.  …  Out of the ashes of despair Ruth rises as not only a survivor but one who thrives.”

Yvonne DeVaughn

Advocacy For Victims of Abuse (AVA) Director


“…Redemption's story blossoms.”

Dr. Clair Schnupp

NYM Ministries, Dryden, Ontario



“...this book will help you understand His ways of healing.”

Loren Cunningham

Founder of YWAM



“…Thank you, Ruth, for baring your soul.  Thank you for freeing us to do the same.”

Kay Marshall Strom

Author ~  Speaker


“…May you be inspired with this book.”

Leland Paris

YWAM, Director of the Americas


“I more than loved your book. I cried, I laughed, I loved God with you. ... Damage done to us as children can hurt us forever unless in some wonderful way we find rescue. …You told a story in a way that multitudes still need to hear, and all can find a kindred spirit....”

Winkie Pratney

Author  ~  Speaker

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