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Is clean eating just another fad diet? Absolutely not! You don’t have to go to regular meetings, or count every calorie that passes through your lips, and you definitely don’t have to go without all those tasty little morsels that other diets tell you to stay away from at all costs. No, clean eating is simply about changing the way you eat by utilizing healthy foods that feed and nourish your body. Is it complicated to follow a clean eating diet? Honestly, you won’t find an eating plan that is simpler to follow. You learn what foods to avoid, and what foods you can enjoy. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by what is on the good foods list – no more living on carrot sticks and celery; instead you can have a little dessert here and there. People diet mainly to lose weight and this is vital for your health if you suffer from weigh issues. Losing weight makes you look better, feel better, and lowers the risk of developing serious health problems. If you want to get healthier, there is no other diet that will be as good for you as the clean eating diet. This book is full of tips and lessons to help you reach those important goals of being healthy and happy.
These lessons include the following as well as many more:

What foods to eat and what to avoid
How to prepare in advance
The 80/20 rule
How to Get Back On Track
Common Mistakes – Everyone Makes Them
Keeping motivated

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