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A journey which resonates with millions of aspiring actors and artists. Vijay Kumar meets and shares the screen with his childhood hero The Legend Of Indian Cinema Dev Anand. Taking you on an adventure from his humble beginnings in New Delhi, India, later immigrating to London, England, before returning to Mumbai, India to pursue a career in the largest film industry on the planet. 

Vijay takes us on a passionate, personal & enthralling journey of perseverance.  Through persistence & sheer ambition, Vijay ultimately established a trusting relationship and close personal bond with the legend Dev Anand. An insight into the life in front of & behind the camera, their friendship spans over 30 years and has endured the test of time & continues today with the Anand family.  

Vijay closely tell us of his accounts through an emotional journey as he documents the sacrifices it takes to make it in an unforgiving and fast paced film industry. Highlighting the ups and downs of his own journey while giving an insight into the film and media industry that claims the dreams of many each year. 

Profoundly moving, insightful and ultimately full of hope, Dev Saab gets to the very heart of what it means to visualize, believe and receive. A phenomenal memoir - the first of its kind. It is both a heart-rending tribute to the man Dev Anand once was, and a brave account of the passions and determinations that can take you from continent to continent to follow your dreams.

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abril 12
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