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Bronze Medal Winner of the 2016 Global E Book Awards!
Grace Allison’s A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes, or if at first you don’t succeed change the rules has been awarded Bronze Medal Winner of the 2016 Global E book Awards in the category of Non-Fiction-Spiritual/Metaphysical.

Our world is in a process of change, and change is one of the key elements to most people's discomfort and distraction from their happiness. But change doesn't have to be difficult. In Do You Have a Dream?, you will find keys to:

Understand change.

Redefine change so it doesn't have to be distressing.

Use situations of change to propel yourself forward, not hold yourself back.

Empower yourself no matter what life throws at you.

Do you need a job? Have a glass ceiling to break? Or maybe life has thrown you a sudden obstacle that seems impossible to tackle. Though the techniques presented here appear simple, they are powerful and can produce results within 30 days. Their effectiveness for you is limited only by your willingness to work them.

30 Days to receive your dream
Start using spiritual and psychological keys to receive your dream

What are priorities and boundaries?

Who will rescue me?

Who made the rule that life was hard?

Have you experienced brokenheartedness?

Do you have a ceiling to break?

Do you need a job?

Do you need a miracle?

Use the power inside you to feel safe

Do you feel worthy?

Are you permitted to dream?

Do you have energy leaks?

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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Grace Allison
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