Entering God’s Rest: Finding Peace and Building a Deeper Relationship with God Entering God’s Rest: Finding Peace and Building a Deeper Relationship with God

Entering God’s Rest: Finding Peace and Building a Deeper Relationship with God

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Experience a touching presence in this intimate and life-changing book, filled with the heart and wisdom of Wayne 'Dad' Porter's powerful message delivered at the inspiring 'Winds of Refreshing' Spring Conference in May of 2023.

During an extraordinary encounter, as the Lord walked softly among us, Dad Porter ministered under the miraculous cloud, etching a memory in the hearts of all present. This book captures that divine moment and the stirring message that followed, expanding it from the revival tent into your hands. Dive into the heart of Porter's ministry, discovering inspiring quotes and divine wisdom that have become his enduring legacy. Each page holds a revelation that opens the door to understanding, providing comfort and guidance in the tumultuous storms of life.

This book is not merely a testament of a miraculous event, but an invitation to experience your own personal visitation. It teaches you the art of resting in God, powerful peace that surpasses all understanding. Embark on this spiritual journey with 'Dad' Porter's message in your heart and discover how to find tranquility amidst turbulence. Let the power of these words touch your soul, change your life, and bring you closer to the Lord."

Wayne Porter, affectionately known as "Dad Porter," was born on July 11, 1940, in the quiet town of Lubec, Maine. As the son of Laura Card Porter, a devoted Bible school teacher and Pastor, faith was his inheritance. However, it was an extraordinary encounter at age 15 that irrevocably set the course of his life. On that transformative night, Jesus Himself stood at the foot of his bed, His eyes blazing like fire, His presence an undeniable force. This divine encounter not only shifted Dad's understanding of church but ignited within him a thirst for a living and profound relationship with the Lord.

A spiritual father to many, Dad Porter's calling resonates far beyond the boundaries of his birthplace. He is on a mission to nurture a generation in a "Closer Walk with Thee," journeying to many nations to impart the anointed truths of the Bible through his soul-stirring songs and teachings. Yet, amidst his expansive endeavors, he considers his greatest joy to be the establishment of the Oasis Bible Training Center and Refuge Ministries in the scenic Finger Lakes region of New York State, alongside his son and daughter-in-law. Dad Porter's life is a testament to a divine calling embraced, a journey walked in faith, and a mission to lavishly love the Lord and His people.

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