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DESCRIPTION OF THE ORIGINAL BOOKIn this book, Brian Weiss relates about an experience that completely changed his life. The work includes the treatment of Catherine, one of his patients, with whom he developed hypnosis therapy after having failed for almost a year with conventional methods.In a state of deep trance, the young woman remembered her previous lives and freed herself little by little from the traumas that were the key to her disorders.Catherine was completely cured. But the greatest success of this therapy was what the therapist learned, and his discoveries and verified truths that changed his way of seeing human life.This work constitutes a meeting point between science and metaphysics in which the subjects of reincarnation and life after death merge.Focused on an extremely interesting subject, the author achieves with a simple and clear style, reflection and the opening of thought.ABOUT BRIAN WEISS: THE AUTHOR OF THE ORIGINAL BOOKBrian Leslie Weiss was born in New York in 1944. He graduated as a psychiatrist at the Universities of Columbia and Yale.He worked as a professor at the University of Miami and was Head of the psychiatry area at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach.He devoted a large part of his life to research. He collected data based on his experiences as a psychiatrist. He made several works related to love, the belief in reincarnation and he based himself on the narrations of his patients subjected to regressive therapy to past lives, for what he used hypnosis.In addition to the work that concerns us, Many lives, Many teachers, Brian has had other great successes, among which deserve to be mentioned like, Lazos de amor, Same soul, Many bodies, Miracles happen.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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