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Michigan's West Coast Lighthouses

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Whether the attraction lies with a soaring tower against a baby blue sky, or a piercing light to guide ships to safety, lighthouses hold appeal for adults and children, sailors and tourists alike.  The very image of a lighthouse provokes a striking, even wondrous feeling within people, one that cannot be explained by the practical purposes of a lighthouse alone.  Far more than a decommissioned ghost tower or an operational lens with alluring décor, lighthouses are symbols of national achievement, dependability under grave physical distress, hope, and guidance.  They represent the timeless struggle between nature and man; the meeting place of earth, water, and a fabricated attempt to keep control over the opposing forces.  They have been named America’s castles, majestically transcending time and culture while demanding respect for their durability and providing jobs and homes to many families across the nation.  Either way one looks at it, from the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria to the pride of America, Lady Liberty, lighthouses in the United States have developed their own stigma, becoming a defining aspect of American culture and creating both a historical and mythological perspective of classic maritime stories.

With the help of this informative guide, exploring Michigan’s lighthouses can be the most valued adventures for you and your family.  Follow the navigational buttons to view locations, pictures, and stories about each of the lighthouses listed in this guide.  Included along with each lighthouse are GPS coordinates, interesting keeper and shipwreck stories, and tips for making your visit even better – such as local contacts, visiting hours and how to best view Michigan’s West Coast Lighthouses.

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