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Every race has rights, the right to live, the right to govern, the right to their culture, the right to believe in their gods and the right to their own traditions. But most importantly, the right to defend themselves. With that right comes the right to possess their own forces; of those forces, divisions are set where the most powerful, intelligent, quick, brave and determined are set apart from the rest, and these proud few possess the honour of being….


Heather Dlomo is a Black Air Raider, a sub-species of the Intaka people, a winged people with a natural proclivity for violence. She's worked faithfully for her Warcheif and Queen under the special divisions for longer than she can remember. She's never set a foot out of line and has done everything for her gods and her people. But even she has ambitions. And secret news of a delivery of tribute from one foreign nation to another is just too good to ignore. 

Fury Windrake was one of the best soldiers and commanders of her race, the proud Inqindi. Were it not for her colour; grey fur on mixed skin instead of either black fur on pale skin or white fur on dark skin.

Her and her men, having left a people who abandoned them for a 'mistake of birth' travel the Black Thorne doing any work they can; because the cost of freedom is pretty damn high and it's warm glow only lasts so long before the cold sets in and you die.

Both women met while killing a king; each doing their part in the mission for their people. Now friends for life, they plan to meet up in Emadlageni with their teams for a score that will change their fates forever. 

But there's an old Black Air Raider expression, 'if you want to make the gods laugh, tell the Goddess, Modimo Hleko, your plans'

First of multiple, Black Thorne, Black Air Raider, Fury and Heather tales to come.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
julio 25
VR. Sibeko
PublishDrive Inc.

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