House of Donato Series - Box Set

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Steamy college romances. A nefarious criminal enterprise. Can new love overcome evil in the world?

You'll lose yourself in these books because the characters seem so real you'll wish you could become actual friends.

Meet the crew at the House of Donato, a network of pals and acquaintances brought together in Marquette, Michigan, by Izzy and Tom Donato, twin brother and sister, attending Northern Michigan University. Follow these three couples, Etta and Tom, Izzy and Murphy, and Peggy and Donovan, as they find romance in the least expected places. While they are getting to know each other and falling in love, unknown to them, a mastermind was building an empire on the back of hockey programs across the country. When their lives collide with his plans, anything can and does happen.

Spine-chilling suspense. Heart-breaking tragedy. Incredible sacrifices.


Etta and Tom have kissed passionately but don't remember it. They're both starting life over, she as a writer in grad school and he, as a former hockey player, after a career-ending injury. They start out as friends, but soon their relationship blossoms into much more.

Is it possible to start over fresh with baggage from the past? Or will what went before come looking for you when you least expect it? Words from another Henrietta, who re-built her life from tragedy, bring answers that allow Etta to move forward. It may be too little too late.


Murphy is a handsome blue-eyed hockey player with corny jokes and a troubled life. He also can't read. Izzy becomes his beautiful tutor and saves the day, but she's off-limits. When one thing leads to another, Izzy's never quite sure if she can trust this slick-tongued stud. Over and over again, they come together and fall apart until a wise, old friend helps Murphy see what he's missing.

Can these two passionate lovers overcome years of disappointment to find each other again? Will Izzy take that final step and give with her whole heart despite Murphy's impetuous ways?


Peggy is Etta's brilliantly talented cousin and a virtuoso pianist going off to study at Julliard. Donovan is Tom's best friend, a Duluth native and a small-town cop, starting a new career in NYC as an FBI agent. As friends of friends, becoming roommates was almost inevitable. When she becomes deathly ill and he saves her life, their desire for one another pushes them over the edge. Can they hold their new relationship together during bad times, distance, jealousy and people trying to kill them?

If you enjoy sensitive, exciting, sensual romances with just the right amount of heat, download this box set today!

11 de junio
Patricia M Jackson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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