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Rita is a 15-year-old American-North Korean girl suffering under a dictatorship in 2060. Korea is the only country left in the world after each city of the world has declared its independence as city states. The Supreme Leader of Korea invaded eighteen of these neighbouring city-states and subsequently launched a survival competition on a floating, twin-isle called “Human Footprint”, with all one-hundred participants ranging from prisoners to volunteers. Each competitor can choose an artificially-created god to use their power on the battle field against the other competitors, the ‘believers’, and their chose god.
Rita accepted Physics Police of New York's offer to follow a plan to bring down the Korean regime by availing herself of these gods, to use against the Korean God, the Supreme leader himself. Kap Du-Ri, the son of an ex-minister and one of the participators falls in love with Rita and decides to help her on the battlefield in the real war against the earth Gods, Lords, Idols, and other World Gods. Both face a skilled adversary, the son of Supreme Leader. They will face war of the gods and their believers, and only one will survive. Meanwhile, the whole event broadcast as a live, reality TV show, being viewed by most people on Earth, to demonstrate Korea’s power and sow dread into the hearts of the citizens of the city-states. Artificial intelligence in Pyongyang is what is running the whole show and creating these synthetic gods.
Lisa heads the Physics Police, and is onboard the unbeatable Patriot 4, located in earth's orbit. Her mission is to help Rita take control of the god-creating AI underneath Human Footprint, and infect it with a virus, taking down Pyongyang central AI in the process.
Rosita promised to take them down on the battlefield. Lords are fighting each other at the behest of the believers, whose super powers are dictated to them as in their myths. Olympia Gods, Aztec, Ancient Egyptian, Arab, Scandinavian, Persian, Indian, the mysterious gods of lost civilizations—they must help their believers to keep them alive and find out the truth.

Only one God can exist in the end—yet it cannot be one of those one-hundred Gods. The Supreme Leader and the New York city-state's fight and missions will ultimately determine Earth’s true god. The smart and intelligent Rita is their only hope. Who will benefit from her secret missions on Korea and fights on Human Footprint as it moves from Pusan through Panama towards New York on the Pacific Ocean? What will happen to her love and the promises Kap Du-Ri has made?! The world is about to end!

Laser and genetic technology improved in 2060, and so dead ancient Gods came back to life, to fight on the side of the North Korean Supreme Leader! But we have one hope yet. Rita will fight for us! Let's watch the live reality show and support her!
Korea has developed a technology that allows scientists to create new beings, using the progress made in the genetic and laser sciences over the past four and a half decades. This technology allows them to create a cow, human or even an ancient god, and bring it to life.
Human Footprint will teach you about the history of myths; the ancient Gods from around the world, the ancient religions and customs; where the Gods and religions came from; the history of US–North Korean relations and its future; diving; human rights; women's rights; how to survive war; laser technology and laser weapons; the future of physics science and laser technology; the ongoing human rights violations and torture in North Korea; concentration camps; espionage techniques and tactics; and many more things. All of this is included in this book to read and learn! All the mentioned facts used on this book are true and non-fiction, as well as useful. In this book, science, history and myth came together to create a joyful sci-fi, political novel!

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
December 31
Vahid Asghari
Smashwords, Inc.

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