Institutionalized: Stories of the Deranged and Demented

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Descripción editorial

Insanity has me by the throat. I wish it'd squeeze a little harder.

They call me crazy, but who are they to judge? I'm not crazy. They are. I've tried to reason with them, but they won't listen. Yet. One day, they will hear me, and one day, they'll be sorry.

This is no way to live, being locked up like an animal. And I'm surrounded by lunatics. The scary girl in the corner who hears voices, the burly bald guy who lashes out with violent tendencies, the quiet redhead who lights fires, or the Rob Zombie look-alike that is rumored to have murdered his entire family. Is this real or one sick and twisted nightmare I can't wake up from?

Institutionalized is the latest anthology from the creators of The Better Off Dead series. This installment brings you stories of the mentally unbalanced, the damaged and disturbed, and the criminally insane. Some are locked up. Some are not. We recommend you sleep with one eye open.

With stories by Richard Chizmar, Ronald Kelly, R.E. Sargent, Steven Pajak, Rebecca Rowland, Mike Duke, Scott Harper, Jill Girardi, Richard Clive, Jeremy Megargee, Janine Pipe, LP Hernandez, Scotty Milder, Renee M.P.T. Kray, Brandon Scott, and David Rider.

Ficción y literatura
5 de septiembre
Sinister Smile Press
Draft2Digital, LLC