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Spring Day is Tilly’s favorite day of the year when the magical park across the street transforms from a barren landscape into a beautiful garden within a single day. She, and her best friend, Macey, love to watch as each tree takes its turn to ‘spring-out’ in its own unique way.

Only one thing could mar Tilly’s day, and that is the presence of grasshoppers. Unfortunately, Roger, who lives down the street, has them as pets. Roger’s mum makes him release his them on Spring Day, right when Tilly is skipping along the footpath under his window. She freaks out when one lands on her, but Roger thinks this is funny. However, when Macey kills one of his pets, Roger is enraged, and so embarks on a mission of revenge. Throughout the day he tries to torment Tilly with the grasshoppers he re-captures, but his day goes from bad to worse as each of his poor choices result in unpleasant outcomes.

Old Mai is an ancient tree who grows at the end of the park. Early in the morning she gifts Tilly with a special leaf. She also enlists the help of the Chime Maker to encourage Roger to change his mind about seeking revenge on the girls.

When Roger gives up chasing the girls, he pays Old Mai a visit, and realizes she has killed two of his grasshoppers. His anger erupts against her, and he tries to destroy Tilly’s leaf. An amusing altercation between Old Mai and Roger results in him learning this lesson; it is far better to forgive than to receive the reward of revenge.

Old Mai is always the last tree in the park to spring-out. She puts on the Retell--a light-show of events that have happened in the park throughout the year. The last scene is of Tilly holding up a small glowing plant. As Old Mai dims her leaves and darkness descends, she releases small edible tufts into the air. While adults and children catch and eat the tufts, Tilly searches for her leaf. As she reaches up to touch the tuft that is still attached to it, time stands still.

The Tuftling sprouts while Tilly watches on, but then it comes under attack from of a huge, nasty-looking grasshopper. Tilly freaks out and tries to get help but no-one can save the Tuftling because they are all suspended in time. Despite her fear, she decides to save the Tuftling herself. An epic battle ensues, resulting in Tilly triumphing over the grasshopper, and her fear.

The Chime Maker--the only other person not suspended in time--explains the circumstances surrounding the sprouting of the Tuftling and why Old Mai chose to help Tilly overcome her fear in this way. Time resumes as Tilly receives the Tuftling into her care and then she rehearses the tale of the Tuftling to the townsfolk.

Once home, Tilly looks out her window and admires the brilliantly lit park. A grasshopper lands on her window sill, and she flicks it away with her finger, vowing she will never to be afraid of them again.

The story ends with the Chime Maker discussing the day’s events with Old Mai, and planning for the day of the Melody Pod Fall.

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October 22
Elm Hill